Why playdates are a great tool for socializing our kids?

Are you a kid?  I know someone of you will answer, “yes, at heart”.  But, if you’re reading this blog you’re more likely a parent than a kid. And when it comes to playdates, there’s an important distinction.

During your adult life, whether it be in high-school, college, your career, or even your marriage.  Your peer group are the people that you interact with most and these are the people you become friends with.  Of course, you’ll have bosses, teachers, professors, and other people who exert a certain level of authority over you.  But, the dynamics of those relationships are different than those with your peers.

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Winston Digital LLC launches next generation of social app for busy parent

Winston Digital LLC., a NYC based startup focused on helping busy parents, has launched its first mobile application for parents to streamline how they organize playdates. Winston Playdates app takes a unique approach of creating a family-to-family social network whereby every member of the household participates jointly in carrying out household and childcare responsibilities.

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