Winston Digital LLC., a NYC based startup focused on helping busy parents, has launched its first mobile application for parents to streamline how they organize playdates. Winston Playdates app takes a unique approach of creating a family-to-family social network whereby every member of the household participates jointly in carrying out household and childcare responsibilities.

Organizing playdates seems like a deceptively trivial task. However, scheduling, co-ordination and communication across a group of parents, children, nannies and care-takers becomes a challenge for busy parents juggling household and work-related tasks. Winston Playdates simplifies the entire process by automating the communication and co-ordination across all stakeholders and frees up parents to focus on more important tasks.

Winston Playdates app is free and available for immediate download on both iOS and Android platforms.

Matthew Perry, Co-founder and CEO said: “With the first release of Winston Playdates we hope to show parents that technology can help make their life easier. With a growing trend of dual working parents with young children, child rearing has become more challenging than any previous generation.”

According to recent Pew research survey 60% of households with children under the age of 18 have dual working parents. 

Matthew continues: “With Winston, our goal is to develop a household-to-household social network combined with intelligent applications to monitor, learn and assist parents with their daily household and childcare responsibilities.”

Matthew Perry, co-founder & CEO: Husband, father, and former co-founder & CEO of Mobients, Inc.  Matthew started his career as an engineer right out of high-school.  He received his Bachelors degree from Georgia Tech in Discrete Mathematics.

Prakash Teli, co-founder & CTO:  Startup veteran, angel investor, parent, and machine learning expert. Prakash is an executor who specializes in turning ideas into successful products and building world-class teams in the process.

Winston Digital LLC was founded in 2015 by Matthew Perry and Prakash Teli who met 10 years prior at Sapient.  Based in Manhattan (NYC), the company is funded privately by a group of like minded angel investors and is actively seeking additional funding to expand its marketing and engineering operations.

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