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"Winston helps parents to do more with less effort."

Winston Digital is a the next generation of social networking platform and applications specifically targeted for parents with young children. Today's parents face a unique challenge balancing work, personal and household responsibilities unlike any previous generations.    
According to a recent survey by HavenLife, today's parents are getting less than an hour of "Me Time" per day to pursue personal and/or social interest such as going out for a drink with friends, or joining a book club.
It is apparent from the explosive growth of on-demand services ranging from baby-sitting, grocery delivery to dog walking that parents with young children are seeking help to lessen the burden of daily household chores and child care related tasks. These point solutions are not really helping these parents improve the overall quality of life.   The old African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child" still holds true for the millennial generation raised on the internet and mobile apps.  Except that the 'village' has gone virtual.
At Winston Digital our mission is to enable parents to create a family-to-family social network, or a 'virtual village', of parents, children, family members, care-givers and others participating in their household and childcare activities such as playdates for example. Applying machine leaning and artificial intelligence techniques, Winston will monitor, learn and unobtrusively assist parents in managing their daily household and childcare responsibilities.

We welcome you to join us on this Journey. You can start by enrolling for free at www.winstondigital.com and start using Winston Playdates app on iOS and Android devices.

Winston Playdates app helps parents organize playdates without unnecessary hassle of calling,  texting, emailing and co-ordinating among parents, nannies and chaperones. We are bringing playdates into the 21st century. And it is just the  beginning.


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